Welcome to the Global Societies Journal Blog

Global Societies Journal (GSJ) is a peer-reviewed, undergraduate and graduate academic journal based in the Department of Global Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. We take into consideration multiple articles from a wide array of academic disciplines and publish a select few through the University of California’s open access eScholarship web portal. You can take a look at our past publications here.

Though we began with scholarship of UCSB students alone, we are currently taking steps to broaden our scope of scholarship, opening our publication process to all UC campuses as well as expanding our avenues of discussion.

Here, on our GSJ Blog, we seek to generate awareness on current events in the world, local research happening in our universities, and more. Working in conjunction with our GSJ eScholarship site, we hope to highlight the processes of globalization running rampant in our contemporary world, increase the accessibility of on-going debates and share current ideas for the general student population. Ultimately we aspire to contribute to global dialogues and stimulate the type of discussions necessary for tackling today’s complex issues.

You’ll find here interdisciplinary content ranging from political science to environmental studies , technology and everything in between. You’ll see the research taking place at your university, conducted by the professors you know. Content is provided by Global Societies Journal Undergraduate Associates and Editors, who seek to present new perspectives and novel arguments. Here, you can participate in developing a thorough consciousness indispensable to the modern global citizen and necessary in today’s globalized arena.

Contribute your opinion today. Email Global Societies Journal at globalsocietiesucsb@gmail.com

Visit our website at: http://www.global.ucsb.edu/globalsocieties/

Meet our Undergraduate Staff here. http://www.global.ucsb.edu/globalsocieties/people/student

Like us on Facebook to follow our updates: https://www.facebook.com/GlobalSocietiesJournal

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GlobalSocieties


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